Pros and cons of teeth whitening procedures

Bright smile is everyone’s dream. People try various methods and some rush to more result-oriented methods that are quick and easy. You can look at this guide below to be aware of the distinct methods weigh their odds for yourself.

Teeth whitening procedures

Nowadays you get a cure for any and everything. There are so many clinics that claim to provide the best teeth whitening in Dubai. No matter where you go or which dentist you choose, the benefits and disadvantages associated with each of the method remains the same.

Bleaching at office

Technology has reduced faith in natural ways owing to their quicker results. The bleaching solutions are stronger as they combine both heat and light to obtain the whitening teeth. Teeth darken to a maximum 8 folds, and you need to make multiple rounds to the doctor. The cost alone of the treatment is up to $1000.

The porcelain covering

Some stains are tougher than the others. They require stronger treatment than the normal ways to leave. Porcelain covering is another of the method that people use. The porcelain is applied on the teeth surface in the form of thin sheets. These sheets are an effective way to get whiter teeth, however, with time they tend to get transparent.

Laser whitening treatment

In the laser whitening treatment, a peroxide gel is applied over the teeth. This gel is stimulated into action with the use of heat. It is a fast method for those who want overnight results. It is a costly procedure that is followed by sensitivity.


There are toothpastes that claim to be effective against stains. They contain numerous chemicals that make the toothpaste productive.

Bleaching trays for home

You can purchase the peroxide gel trays and use them at home. Leave the gel on the teeth for a maximum of 7 hours and follow the practice for a month. The results vary from person to person.

Strips to whiten the teeth

The whitening strips are applied directly over the teeth while brushing the teeth. You have to use it twice a week. They are not permanent, and you have to keep on applying them.

You will come across many home-made recipes that your elder’s advice you of as well as a flood on them on the internet. They might stop the building up of plaque, but they cannot remove the stains.