interesting facts about skin

Have you studied about the o shot procedure or labia reconstruction surgery? If yes, then it is great but have you read about skin? Skin is the largest organ of our body and protector of our internal organs. It has so many benefits. 

If you want to know about those benefits and its qualities, then read below! 

  1. Your skin is renewed after every 28 days regularly. 
  2. Your feet have the thickest skin and your eyelids have the thinnest. 
  3. There are around 300 million skin cells in an average person. And each inch square of skin has 19 million cells and 300 sweat glands. 
  4. Every minutes,  your skins removes 30,000 to 40,000 dead cells. It means 9 lbs are shed yearly. 

According to estimates and study, your dead cells is most of the dust of your house. 

  1. More than thousand bacteria are sheltered in your skin. 
  2. Skin heals itself with the help of scar tissues. They are different from normal skin cells because they do not have hair cells and sweat glands. 
  3. If the skin face pressure or friction,  it would built toughness called callus. 
  4. Skin has five different receptors of touch and pain. 
  5. Changes in health is indicated by skin firstly. 
  6. Most of the dust in earth and its atmosphere is dead skin. 
  7. A healthy person has around 21 square feet of skin which weigh 9 lbs.
  8. The skin of average person cover an area of two square metres. 
  9. Because of the presence of pigments in epidermis, your skin is colored. If there is more melanin, the skin is darker and if lesser melanin, then you will have skin color disorders. 

To add to that, legs are known to have the driest skin, because there are lesser oil glands on it than other parts of the body. The skin controls the temperature of your body by switching on and off sweat glands according to the temperature of your surroundings. Pimples are caused by menstruation, humidity, specific cosmetics, medicines, sweating and hormonal changes. They are not caused by dirt and diet. 

It is also said that exposure to sun does not reduce acne. Its harmful rays are not good for skin and health.  There are 11 miles long blood vessels in our body that provide blood and oxygen to every part. At the end of it all, skin makes 15 percent of the body weight.