WHY SHOULD YOU HAVE PETS? Benefits of having a pet around

Having an animal to greet and welcome you home is great for your heart, mind and body – yes, your overall well being!

That loving feeling that somebody’s waiting for you to return can make anyone happy, no matter how exhausting the whole day has been. Research also shows that having a pet can help improve the health condition of any patient.

Here’s why having a pet companion in life is what you’ll ever need:

  • Reduce the risk of Allergies. Studies show that having a pet at home can help reduce a child’s chances of developing allergies by 33%. Children who grew up having pets tend to develop stronger immune systems compared to children who grew up without having pets. This is probably due to the immune system being desensitized to allergens.
  • Reduce stress, Helps lower blood pressure. Petting an animal or gazing at them helps in significantly lowering the blood pressure and calms emotions. This calming effect is caused by the release of oxytocin, a stress reducing hormone associated with emotional bonding. The comfort and peace that our pets give stabilizes the blood pressure in a way that no other medicine or remedy can. Any stress you build up during the day drains away when time is spent with your loving pets.
  • Get Fit. Having a pet around discourages you from staying in bed or on couch all day. Having a pet to support, provide and care for encourages you to live an active lifestyle as compared to when you’re living by yourself. Dog owners are likely to be convinced by their pets take a few minutes of their time to walk around or play with them. Having a pet around reduces their chances of becoming obese.
  • Provides Companionship. Pets are the best companions we’ll ever have. They’re as loyal as you could hope humans would ever be, and will love you unconditionally, unlike another person probably would. People who are living alone will feel less lonely when pets are present. The lack of emotional and physical presence caused by distance from loved ones is supplied by our pets as they provide a sense of social support. Research shows that people also find solace and comfort in their pets as much as having their closest human friend around. Having a pet around is also a way to prevent depression and negative emotions.
  • Protection & Security. Having a dog around is enough to make you feel secure. Thieves are discouraged from breaking into houses when dogs are present. Especially if you’re a girl living on your own, having a dog with you is enough to ward off unwanted visitors. Having a dog as a pet is worth more than any investment you can have – companionship and security plus unconditional love all in one package.

Share all that love you keep inside, consider having a pet for yourself. You definitely won’t get your heart broken. Taking care of a pet is a mark of maturity. Visit the animal rescue shelters in your area as there are a lot of pets waiting to love you and be loved back in return. Volunteer to adopt a dog now. This decision will help save a dog’s life, and maybe yours too!