Understanding the importance of fire extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are most of the times sidelined as they are not needed much often – hopefully – at most of the places but this doesn’t mean that they are not important. Fire extinguishers are the most essential component that everyone should have no matter how insignificant they feel. 

Fire safety equipment suppliers in UAE say that most business owners often view them as just an expense that would hang on the walls for months before expire. This shouldn’t be the case because they serve a very useful purpose which you will realize when people find themselves in fire emergency situations and these extinguishers would be their only option.

A study proves that in 80% of fire emergency cases all that was needed to do was use fire extinguisher. In most of the cases due to extinguishers not being present got the situation out of hand while other places where extinguisher was present it saved people from a lot of trouble and valuable assets as well. There are 60% of almost fires which can be saved and are saved – this is the reason that we insist on contacting with fire extinguisher suppliers to be safe at all times.

Protecting the lives of young children and women has always been the first rule of emergency situations and there is nothing more important than saving a human life. Fire drills and protection equipments are very necessary. Students should always be taught on how to protect themselves through different fire drills appropriate for their age and handling equipments should also be taught. These teachings are necessary to be given in school and at homes likewise as emergency and unforeseen situations can never be calculated and predicted which makes safety all the more important.

The purpose of extinguishing a fire is not only to save lives and equipments but it is also about saving environment. When fire is ignited it produces a lot of smoke and leaves ashes behind. Smoke is very harmful to ozone layer which contributes to the climate change where as ashes are a huge pain to clear after everything is settled down. Take a look at the live example of fire in Amazon forest which did not only cost us wildlife but also destroyed a huge part of the nature that was producing most of the world’s fresh oxygen.