8 Steps of Post-Production Process

A post-production house in Dubai manages all the work after the pre-production and production stage and also provides final touch-ups to finish the film.

The pre-production process includes providing an idea and encouraging the team to work on it while the production stage includes putting the ideas into effect by creating, editing, and managing the whole process. The post-production process is not as difficult as the two phases above but it provides completing and closing the entire editing task to finish the film.

The film production companies in UAE consider all these phases as an important part of the film and that’s why they hire good editors and resources to manage the project from the beginning to its ending phase.

That’s why we have come up with a list of 8 steps of post-production process to help people know what it includes.

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  1. Editing Format

The process includes picking an editing format for the film. It includes two ways either editing the film on film editing equipment or using an electronic way to shoot the film on a digital editing format.

  1. Picture Editor

The most essential post-production step is to hire a good editor that has the required decision-making skills to read the script and edit the parts of the film accordingly.

  1. Sound Editor

The sound editor is equally an important part of the team who decides to choose a particular sound according to the video to enhance the overall look of the video.

  1. Automatic Dialogue Replacement

This important feature sets the tone of the entire project as it requires the actors to lip-sync dialogues that aren’t clear in the video. It also includes Foley artists that set the background noises and put other sound effects such as footsteps in the film.

  1. Music and Re-recording

It involves composing and adding music into the video. It also includes re-recording the mixes of different soundtracks.

  1. Titles and Image

After adding the music and the effects, the next part is adding the title and a good campaign image that includes the credits as well.

  1. DCP and a Dialogue Script

Get a Digital cinema package and dialogue script for your film to create a final copy of your film.

  1. Trailer

The final step is to create a trailer for the film. It should be according to campaign image and should also set a mood of the video or film.