5 Office Design Hacks That Can Boost Employee’s Productivity

It has been proven that office design is correlated with employees’ work productivity and performance. Employees working in a well-designed space can produce better results and are inspired to go an extra mile.

However, designing an office space to inspire productivity can be tricky. Apart from the visual appeal, technical factors come into play when it comes to a performance-based office design and look. Distinguished interior design consultants in Dubai compiled a list of simple office design hacks that can help boost your employee’s productivity:

  1. Contain the noise

Have you ever tried working in the middle of a busy café? A noisy and loud environment can negatively affect the performance of workers. In fact, researchers said that prolonged exposure to loud environment can add to mental distress and can pose serious health problems. When designing an office space, be sure to take into account the noise level, apart from the visual appeal. Noise-proofed walls can address the concern. But you can also allot a space for individuals who are like to work in a quiet environment.

  1. Go for natural light

No matter how adequately lighted a space is, nothing can beat natural light. Natural light can make the space brighter and lighter as compared to using the usual office lights. A lot of offices and companies today prefer to have a workspace that has windows and open space. It is said that access to sunlight can reduce stress and also has a positive effect on one’s performance at work.

  1. Get the temp right

Extreme temperature can have an effect on how an employee performs in an office space. There are studies that indicated that offices that are too hot or too cold lose 10% of their employee’s productivity every hour. Workers are prone to errors due to poor concentration and focus, as a result of extreme office temp. Help bring back your employee’s luster at work by setting the thermostat right.

  1. Smart office layout

Setting up an office space without proper planning can immensely affect the productivity of your workers. A poorly-planned office space can result to accidents and poor working conditions like more clutter and less space. Giving a thought on how to place each element in the space can help your employees move better in a space, thus, promoting movement and personal space. Create an office layout, test and check it out, and see what works best for your employees.

  1. Personal expression

Gone are the days when office cubicles were designed to look exactly the same. Although design consistency is still being promoted, design experts advise employers to allow personal expression in the space, especially in terms of cubicle design. Allowing your employees to express themselves would make them feel valued, thus, leading to more productive output.