Recruiter’s Guide: 5 Effective Ways To Approach Candidates

Recruitment is both a science and an art. You need to be methodical in searching potential candidates and screening applicants, but you also need to be creative when it comes to negotiating your job proposition. The way you approach a candidate can make or break a deal.

Top finance recruitment agencies in Dubai shared some valuable tips on effective ways to deal with candidates and applicants. Read on these tips:

  • Call a prospective candidate

Although using email is easy, it would be best to pick up the phone and call a prospective candidate to invite them over for an interview. Calling the candidate would give them a sense of importance as you take the time to call and reach out to them. Use a very engaging tone when talking to prospective candidates, but be straightforward as well. You need to keep in mind that these candidates are also busy so be sure to use their time well.

  • Know how to sell the position

A recruiter’s task is not just about posting job vacancies. More importantly, it is about selling the position to prospective candidates. Be sure that you know how to outline important information to potentials hires, in a way that they will be convinced to take up your job offer. Create an outline and a semi-script that will highlight your offer.

  • Know their motivation

Each candidate has their own motivation and purpose why they are applying for a particular job. It would be best that you know what drives them to apply so you can create a compelling job offer that would address that purpose. One way to know this is to device a set of questions that will make the candidate state their purpose.

  • Reply diligently

One thing that most recruiters forget to do is to reply to candidates. You need to know the importance of this practice in the hiring process. For one, you need to update potential candidates the status of their application. Sometimes, the recruitment process takes time and some candidates tend to follow up their application. Replying to candidates would give them an idea what their application standing is.

  • Be personal

When communicating with potential candidates, try to make it personal as possible. Whether they are part of the selected bunch or unfortunately rejected, you need to rely the message in a way that is does not came from an autobot. This would make them feel that they are valued at some point.

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