Join the Bandwagon and set up your company in Dubai today

There is no doubt that the United Arab Emirates has surged into the limelight to attract a major number of international tourists, job seekers, students looking for higher studies, and last but not the least the entrepreneurs who are on the lookout for the best place to either start their businesses or further its reach across the region. The city of Dubai is at the center-stage of this massive revolution as it is set to host the World Expo 2020, which has already attracted the major chunk of international business juggernauts to set up their firms and companies in the UAE. For all the information about setting up a business in Dubai, continue reading or click on the link to know how a professional team can help you in getting off the mark.

The city of Dubai has over 20 free zones, which are equipped with the state-of-the-art infrastructural facilities besides many other benefits, which bode well for the new as well as experienced business owners. Some of the leading benefits of having your company established in one of the Dubai free zones are listed below.

  1. As against the false belief of sharing your company’s stakes with a local resident, setting up an offshore company in a Dubai free zone lets you enjoy the complete ownership of your company or your brainchild.
  2. All the companies registered with the Dubai free zones are free to repatriate their profit and capital whenever they want.
  3. You only need to present a company director and only one shareholder to get your company registered with the local partners
  4. The potential investors can use any currency in the world in setting up their new venture in any of the Dubai free zones. Moreover, they are not bound to deposit their capital in a local bank account.
  5. Another massive benefit of setting up a company in Dubai is that there is no limit whatsoever on the business diversification.
  6. All the investors at any of the Dubai free zones are totally exempted from pay off personal or corporate income taxes.
  7. The owners of these foreign offshore companies have the right to keep enjoying the validity for up to three years.

For all the information related to the offshore company formation in Dubai, the attached like will help you get the best option.