5 Tips For Writing Your Ad Copies For A PPC Campaign

For PPC and SEO experts, writing ad copies is an ongoing challenge. You need to use the right words to pique the attention of the target audience and get them to click your ad. Most of the time, it is a hit and miss process. However, you can lessen the chances of producing the wrong copies and ensure the effectivity of your pay-per-click campaign. Here are some simple pointers that you can follow.

  1. Get the brief from the client

Before you start writing ad copies of your PPC campaign, you need to get to know the clients first. This is a rule of thumb in any agency. The client would need to provide a complete brief about their company, products and services, and target audience. Knowing these details would give you a general idea about the products and services and it would be easier for you to craft the right message that would catch the attention of your client’s public.

  1. Think about your target audience

The information that you get from the client about their target audience may not be enough. As a digital marketer, it is your job to dig deeper on the psyche of the target audience and know what will make them tick. It would be best to do an additional research about the target market and know the power words and call to action phrases that would convince them to click your ads. You can do surveys or focus group discussions to know more about their demographic and psychological profile as a buyer.

  1. Highlight benefits

When you are running a PPC ad campaign, expect that you will be competing with other marketers and clients. To beat them in this game, you need to highlight the products and services of the client. This is where you need to add the unique selling point of the product. The target market would need to know what are the benefits that they would get when they purchased your product or subscribed to your services. These details should be creatively emphasized on your ad copies.

  1. Know when to state your price points

Some digital marketers prefer not to include their price points on their ad copies. It might be to avoid dissuading the potential buyers due to the higher price points. As digital marketers, you need to when to include price points and how to use them to your client’s advantage.

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