Interior Design Concepts That You Will Not See In 2018

2017 paved way for the rise of the “Millennial design”.  Design concepts last year focused on modern and minimalist features that are popular amongst millennial yuppies. But top interior and architecture companies in UAE are seeing some drastic changes this year. These design and architecture experts predict that designs will be taking a step back and more people are going back to the basics.

If you are looking to do some redecorating this year, here are some last year trends that you will probably not see this 2018:

  1. Pastel colors

The pastel colors become a popular color palette in 2017. In fact, the popularity of pastel colors give birth to a new pantone, the “Millennial Pink”. But a lot of designers are not keen on using light and subdued tones for their designs this year. Instead, they are looking to use bolder and bright colors, not just for their interiors, but for their design accents as well. Expect to see bolder tones in office and residential spaces.

  1. Old-fashioned light bulbs

Old-fashioned light bulbs or the Edison bulbs had been the talk of the town, in terms of lighting fixtures. The vintage appeal of these lights gave some space their much-needed rustic and traditional look. But for 208, designers are thinking of replacing these bulbs with a much more modern take. They feel that this kind of lighting fixture is overused and uninspiring. Instead of old-school bulbs, they are thinking of using modern lights that will give the space the lighting it need but will also serve as a design piece. Also, expect to see more dual-functioning fixtures in terms of lighting equipment.

  1. White walls

Like the pastel colors, white has been a popular color choice for millennials. But the new generation of designers is thinking of getting rid of the minimalist feel this year. They are more interested in expressing themselves in a way that would showcase their vibrant personality. Hence, the vibrant walls and decors.

  1. Macramé

This trend is quite popular with homemakers. The knotting cords and string patterns became a sought-after design for curtains and linens. But designers feel that this kind of pattern is going out of style. Interior designers suggest to go for other patterns that are more sophisticated in look and feel.

  1. Faux-wood tiles

The wood-looking ceramic style is quite popular amongst homeowners who are looking for a low-maintenance flooring. Although it is true that this kind of floor material is easy to maintain, the look and feel that it gives to your space is a little bit tacky. Designers suggest sticking with wooden tiles to add a much-needed rustic feel to the space.

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